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The long sleepless nights of Desdemona

There are nights when one just can not sleep, and when you live in Italy every summer night is hot and populated by insomniacs in search of a cold air flush to refresh the body. Some people like to spend those sleepless nights reading, others watching meaningless Telly, and some listening to the radio. The latter, if they are lucky enough to live in Florence, can listen to the voice of a young radio DJ, Desdemona Metus. Desdey_SmallMiracles_cover-572fBz.jpg

Desdemona is a University student like many others,  but suffering of insomnia. Her insomnia is not caused by the Florentine sultry nights, but by a mysterious childhood trauma. Desdemona spends her nights holding company with her voice to the many other sleepless tuned to Radio Strega, telling stories. Stories of ordinary people, with their dreams, loves and often personal tragedies, or in spite of themselves victims of crimes. Decisively the Florence described by Desdemona is not the beautiful medieval Italian city commonly shown on postcards or tour guides, but a cruel, dark and mysterious city.  

Desdemona is the main character of a popular Italian graphic novel, created by G. Di Bernardo and A. Polidori, that is introduced for first time to the international readers by Diego Comics Publishing.

Three books and two short story have been published till date, ObsessionOn Our HillForgotten Crimes, The Children's Crusade and Small Miracles. Diego Comics Publishing is now crowd funding for the publication of the fourth book, The Phoenix, on Kickstarter

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