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Diego Comics Publishing third birthday! 2012-15


On November 21st, Diego Comics Publishing celebrated its third birthday. Yes, for the last three years Giuseppe & Marcella Pennestri, supported by a devoted team, have adapted, in English, a collection of renowned and emerging European authors - and we plan to bring even more in 2016. Moreover, we have created a smooth magazine for indie creators from both side of the Atlantic: European Comics Journal. 

We will celebrate this birthday by sending a personalised postcard to our readers, supporters, friends new and old, and a PDF copy of the new issue of European Comics Journal. 

European Comics Journal - cover by Claudia SGI - is the new magazine for readers and creators of comics. Apart from news on European comics, with author interviews and exciting articles, the European Comics Journal will offer insight into the inner workings of the indie comics industry. It will feature creators and independent publishers and have previews of indie comics, providing comprehensive coverage. 

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Latest Issues

Artwork by Pino Rinaldi
Adam 2 0 Lost Souls Vol. 2
The Children s Crusade
Artwork by Claudia SGI
Rourke the Hexbuster vol. I
Forgotten Crimes
Adam 2.0 Black Swan Vol. 1
Art by Umberto Giampa'
European Comics Journal #02

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Art by Umberto Giampa', colours by Alessandro Anghini
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Rourke the Hexbuster Poster
Orcs art by Umberto Giampa'