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Enchantment Agency released, New digital comics!

Enchantment Agency is the latest creation of one of the most prolific Italian authors, Federico Memola. It is a Japanese manga-inspired comic book series: anyone familiar with Manga and Anime will recognize the many references.

Enchantment Agency is intended for a young adult readership: the main subset of readers DieGo wishes to target.

The adventures of Jasmine and Myriam, the two owners of the investigative agency of magic, are a mix of fantasy, comedy, and action with a dash of glamour. The world of Enchantment Agency is an alternative Earth where magic, and fantastic creatures have always existed and so evolved alongside humans, who still account for the majority of the population. There are also other 'dimensions’: realms outside normal space-time. Some of these realms have even established embassies on Earth.

Each episode will be self-contained, and involves Jasmine and Myriam undertaking a new 'investigation', like identifying magical items, dispelling spells, or removing curses. The two protagonists manage to juggle all of this without neglecting their day-to-day lives, including their romantic interests.


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Enchantment Agency Fant Club 

Jasmine and Myriam have offered their wisdom and experience in answering any questions that their fans mitht have! 

Whether you want to discover details about these two exciting heroines and their magical world, or just want to let us know what you think of the series as whole - send us a message! Perhaps you have some curiosities regarding the series or just want to wish them luck! Jasmine and Myriam will answer all or your messages!

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Your letter and reply will be published in each episode of Enchantment Agency every month!

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