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Adam 2.0

ADAM 2.0 is a new character by author Giuseppe Di Bernardo, who show up all his knowledge for ufology in this brilliant graphic novel. Di Bernardo seeks to discover the secret behind the very existence of mankind.

Soul and Adam were divided by the collapse of the twin towers. Soul is dead, but Adam is not. Soul was swallowed by concrete and molten metal, while Adam has tried to survive in his self-destructive life. Adam's love for Soul never stopped, until the day that Soul returned from hell, reappearing in the very same place as if one second of time has not passed. And so begins Adam Mack's incredible journey as he searches for his girlfriend, down a road that will lead to Pandora's Box, to the discovery of an ancient and secret government that use Earth as a cage for humanity and a hell for the soul.

ADAM 2.0 Vol. 1: Black Swan will be presented at London Super Comic Con, March 14-15. You can pre-order it here

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