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DieGo Comic Publishing to launch Steampunk art exhibition this Summer

Hello everyone!

DieGo Comic Publishing’s second year of activity is centralised around the Steampunk genre. This Autumn, we are preparing to publish the novel Clockwork by Steampunk author Augusto Chiarle.

We will be participating in a series of Steampunk events across England in order to introduce this exciting new novel to the English public, as well as hosting an exhibition of Steampunk paintings. As well as the artists who will exhibit with us there, we will be blessed with the artworks of Cosimo Ferri, illustrator of the Rourke the Hexbuster graphic novel series.

We invite all Steampunk artists who would like to participate at the exhibition to contact us for more information, please use

Join the Shadow of Mars group on Facebook. 

Thank you!

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