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DESDEMONA mystery crime set in Firenze!

Desdemona is a mystery crime series created by Giuseppe Di Bernando and Andrea J. Polidori, that follows the troubled life of a young nigh-time radio DJ, from the awkwardness of love and family to the horrors of human history. Each episode sees an exhilarating entanglement between the threads of the past and present, providing a cerebral and tense world for the reader to dwell. 


Volume 1: Forgotten Crimes

The body of a journalist friend of Desdemona, and found by police that archive it as a suicide. But our radio DJs do not believe in suicide and she begins to investigate, discovering that the mysterious death is in reality connected to a forgotten massacre carried out by the Nazi-fascists in the last months of World War II.
Volume 2: The Children's Crusade
During her broadcast, Desdemona gets a call announcing the presence of human bones in the excavation costruction of a new shopping center. Could they be the bones of a gang of young boys who tried to reach the Holy Land in 1212? 

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